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All fertility treatments are available starting from May.

Dear patients!


Our patients, visitors and employees are our top priority. We closely monitor the corona virus situation in Estonia and follow with the rules and regulations by both national and international authorities (ECSC, ESHRE). Coronavirus has been very well kept under control in Estonia so far compared to many other European countries and the US and it is therefore still safe to continue fertility treatments here.

The safety of our patients and staff is our highest priority. We make every effort to ensure that our patients and staff can operate safely at our clinics.


We will start with scheduled appointments and fertility treatments in Nova Vita Clinic from 04.05.2020. We will reach out to all scheduled patients individually to coordinate future plans.

For first time consultation we recommend to book Skype consultation.

For bookings or further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via phone +372 6 059 609 (Mon-Fri 08:30–16:30) or email


Instructions for patients coming to the clinic

  • Before planned appointment you have to fill the COVID-19 health declaration form and send us electronically.
  • You must be healthy to enter the clinic.
  • During the epidemic, you are allowed to come to the clinic alone.
  • Please come to the clinic right on time, not too early.
  • When entering and visiting our clinic, you should wear a mask or we will provide you.
  • After entering to the clinic we will measure your temperature.
  • Please pay attention to hand hygiene!
  • Before the oocytes pick-up you will be tested for COVID-19 (48h before the operation).
  • Those returning from abroad are quarantined at home for 14 days and during this period not allowed to come to the clinic.
  • Please let the clinic know if you have had contact with anyone carrying the corona virus or ill with COVID-19. If you develop symptoms of a possible COVID-19 (fever, cough) after the visit, please inform the clinic.
  • If you or your partner fall ill during the treatment, the treatment will be interrupted.
  • In case the personnel of the clinic should fall ill, and be unable to make the planned appointment, you will be informed.

Our policies during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • We are working only completely healthy.
  • We use a mask at the clinic at all times and will provide our patients with respirator masks also.
  • We don’t shake hands.
  • We take care of good hand hygiene by washing our hands regularly and thoroughly. We also use disinfectant frequently.
  • We try to keep the safety distance of one meter in all occasions we can.
  • Our clinics have plenty of disinfectants for your convenience.
  • For hygiene reasons, we have removed all unnecessary furniture from the waiting halls (e.g. coffee machine and magazines).
  • Our clinics are undergoing intensified cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.
  • Our entire staff is constantly aware of the latest guidelines regarding the coronavirus pandemic.


Our website and Facebook page will be updated if changes occur.

» COVID-19 health declaration (PDF)

* Please fill in the health declaration and attach it in the completed form as an attachment.

Your email address:

Completion of the health declaration is mandatory.
We ask you to fill in the health declaration accurately and correctly.
You can sign the health declaration at the clinic on site.
The health declaration reaches us through a secure system.

If you have additional questions, we will contact you.



Stay healthy and see you soon!