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Egg bank, Sperm bank, Embryo storage

Fertility preservation

Nova Vita Clinic has its own Egg bank and Sperm bank where women and men can store their germ cells for medical reasons or to preserve their fertility. Fertility preservation can be used for medical and social reasons.

We recommend considering fertility preservation in the following situations:

  • you plan to have children when you are over 40 years
  • before cancer treatment (chemo and radiation therapy)
  • In case of toxic work environment
  • before going to a war region
  • for men planning a vasectomy procedure

The storage time of frozen eggs and sperm is not limited.

Donor egg and sperm bank

Donor eggs and sperm cells are stored in a bank to help couples in need. Treatments with donor eggs and sperm can be organized very fast without a long waiting list.

Read more about treatments with donor cells.

Embryo Storage

In addition to egg and sperm storage it is possible to store good quality embryos to use them in the future in frozen embryo transfer (FET). Nova Vita has a long experience in embryo freezing and thawing. Usually at least 70-80% of embryos survive the freezing and thawing process.

The clinical pregnancy success rates do not differ between fresh and frozen embryo transfer. 43% clinical pregnancies among women under 34 years.

Nova Vita has been operating a cell bank for more than 15 years.