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Egg bank

Social freezing, donor eggs

Nova Vita clinic provides women an option to freeze and store their eggs in our own Egg bank. Eggs can be frozen in medical or social reasons.

Why should women consider freezing eggs?

It is well known that the number and quality of genetically healthy eggs start to decline when women get older. If you are not ready to start a family in your thirties you might consider freezing and storing your eggs before turning 35.

What does the procedure involve?

Women who decide to freeze their eggs will have ovarian stimulation similarly to IVF procedure. The difference is that eggs will be not fertilized but frozen and stored in Nova Vita Egg bank. If there is a need in the future the eggs can be thawed and fertilized, embryo(s) transferred into the uterus. It is important to understand that the success rate of IVF procedure depends on many factors and is usually around 30-40%. That’s why it is recommended to store more than 20 eggs to have a bigger chance for successful IVF treatment in the future.

Donor eggs

In addition to social freezing there are donor eggs stored at Nova Vita Egg bank to help couples in need. There are many women whose ovarian reserve has decreased and they do not have their own eggs or the quality of the eggs has lowered and the only option to become a parent would be to use donor eggs. The success rate to achieve the pregnancy with donor eggs is usually higher compared with own eggs especially among women over 40.

Nova Vita egg donors are healthy young women who usually have already their own children:

  • age between 20-33
  • healthy and tested
  • non smoking
  • donation is anonymous

The following information will be disclosed about donor: nationality, color of the skin, education, marital status, the existence of children, height, constitution, color of the hair and color of the eyes.

Egg donation treatment with FROZEN eggs include donor compensation, treatment plan, thawing the eggs, fertilization with ICSI method, embryo culture and embryo transfer.

The treatment with FROZEN donor eggs is much easier for doctors to plan because doctor needs to prepare only the uterus of the woman to whom the embryos will be transferred.

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