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There is an ongoing need for donor eggs

Why do some women need donor eggs?

Children are the happiness and meaning of life for most families. Through no fault of their own, some people are not able to conceive the child they wish for without outside assistance. Some 15–20% of couples at a fertile age will experience unintended infertility at some stage of their life. Luckily, most of them could be helped with fertility treatments. And thats why egg donation is so important.

There are numerous reasons why patients need donor eggs. Just a few of them are:

  • Impaired ovarian function or declined reserve
  • Continuous unsuccessful IVF processes due to low quality mature egg cells
  • Risk for a child to inherit a genetic disease
  • Chemotherapy

Whatever the reason why someone needs or chooses to use an egg donor, they are extremely appreciative of the young woman or women who helped them build their family. It truly is an incredible gift to another person or couple.

What is egg donation?

Egg donation is a form of fertility treatment in which a donor anonymously gives her eggs to an infertile woman to help her create a family of her own.

Who can apply?

Healthy women aged 20–33 years are the most welcomed to donate eggs. Having your own children is preferred, but also women without children may donate. Egg donors undergo psychological and medical screening, which includes a thorough medical history, physical exam, and ovarian reserve assessment.

Donating eggs in Estonia

In Estonia, the donation of eggs and sperm is legally controlled by the Artificial Insemination and Embryo Protection Act which entered into force in 1997. Donating cells does not require you to become a parent of the child or give you any entitlement to it. The eggs obtained from one donor may be used in order to conceive babies to be born to up to 6 different women in Estonia. The donor may not know who received their cells, and the parents of the children resulting from the treatment are not entitled to learn the identity of the donor.

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Become an egg donor

We invite women, who are considering egg donation, to a consultation with our doctor. We will discuss with them about the hormonal treatment needed for egg donation and about the collection of eggs in detail. We also make sure that there are no medical reasons why the woman should not donate eggs. All women donating eggs also meet with our specialist for egg donation counselling, to discuss the psychological and ethical issues related to the egg donation treatment in more detail. Our Nova Vita Clinic team understands the needs of women who choose to donate their eggs and provide you with the compassion, counsel and support you may need as you embark on this generous journey.

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Benefits of donating eggs at Nova Vita Clinic

  • Smooth and safe process for the egg donor: egg donor’s health is always our main priority!
  • You help to build a family
  • Free health and fertility screenings
  • Generous compensation for your time and effort


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Egg donation builds families

It helps those who are unable to become parents on their own.


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Donor coordinator, anesthetist
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