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The standard timeline of the IVF cycle

Six steps for happy pregnancy at Nova Vita Clinic

Our purpose is to support, help and assist during the whole way in your IVF treatment. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask we do our best to be there for you.

1. Contact

Please contact us via email [email protected] or call directly to the clinic: +372 605 9609 (Mon-Fri 8.30 -17.00). Bookings can be easily made through our online booking system.

2. Consultation

The first consultation with fertility doctor at Nova Vita Clinic or Skype consultation. During the first consultation our fertility doctor will evaluate your medical history and discuss about the possible causes of your infertility and advises which additional analysis need are needed. If you visit our clinic the doctor would do ultrasound procedure to evaluate your ovaries and anatomy of uterus. Your treatment plan can be made already during your first consultation.

3. Necessary analysis

All necessary analysis can be taken on place in our clinic or locally at your home country by your local gynecologist or GP. Before you first IVF treatment analysis must be taken not longer that 3 month, in case of recurrent procedure analysis are valid up to 2 years. Our doctor can recommend additional analysis.

4. Preparation for the treatment

Preparation for the IVF treatment usually involves induction of the woman`s ovaries which is needed to induce more eggs to mature at the same time. Hormonal injections can be made at home and necessary ultrasounds made by your local doctor if you can not come to Nova Vita Clinic. Our doctors prefer that you would come to our clinic at least for the last scan that the timing of the egg collection can be arranged.

5. Egg collection, fertilization and embryo culture

Egg collection is usually taking place at the beginning of the week. The couple needs to come together and man is usually giving his sperm sample at the same time when woman is having an egg collection (sperm can be also frozen beforehand). Egg and sperm cells are put together at the same day and embryos cultured up to 5-6 days. One or two embryos are selected for transfer to the uterus where implantation should take place.

6. Pregnancy test

Pregnancy test from urine can be taken two weeks after embryo transfer at home but we certainly advise patient to have blood test to see the level of hCG. If the test is positive the pregnancy can be followed by your local gynecologist or midwife. Nova Vita also provides pregnancy follow-up from embryo to baby.