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Our biggest purpose is to help future parents to have their long awaited child!

Results of infertility treatments are very individual and depend on causes of couple´s infertility. Generally, the results are in negative correlation with woman´s age. Nova Vita Clinic has shown stable and high results already more than for 25 years. There are already more than 3000 children born with the help of our IVF team.

Average results based on age groups at Nova Vita Clinic:

  • Women < 35 years, pregnancy rate around 51%
  • Women 35-40 years, pregnancy rate 35-40%
  • Women 40-43 years, pregnancy rate 5-20%
  • Procedures with donor egg pregnancy rate 50-55%

The clinical pregnancy rate for women under 34 years was 51% in 2019.

Clinical pregnancies in 2019

Woman`s ageIVF+ICSIFET
< 34 years51%49%
35-39 years28%35%
> 40 years22% 21%