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“I am very happy that we decided to change the clinic and continue our infertility treatment at Nova Vita Clinic. The whole team is very helpful and I felt that we got personal care and new options were offered if the old ones did not work. For me and my husband it was very important that Nova Vita has strong partner clinic in Finland, Ovumia Fertinova,  with whom they can exchange knowledge and experience. The causes of our infertility are complicated and we have been already five years in this journey. Thanks for the new options in  embryo diagnostics we have reached to positive outcome. We hope that PGD/PGS analysis can help also many other couples in need. We are very grateful to the whole Nova Vita team for their help and support.”

“I can use only the best words about Nova Vita, especially about Dr Talving. She has been very detail and caring. Thanks to her I have my precious little son!”

“I have only good emotions related to Nova Vita. Spcial thanks to Dr Talving thanks to whom I got my sweet little girl. I feel that Nova Vita helped my biggest dream to come true! All employees at Nova Vita are very friendly and caring!”

“I am very grateful for all the staff at Nova Vita Clinic for your professionalism. Thank you Dr Talving, Kristine and Karin. I would also like to address a very special thank for midwife Tiina Lille for her warmth, support, compassion through the whole procedure. I have never been so well taken care” (Patient, September 2017).

“This is the place where you feel that your story is important also to others”.  

” The clinic is nice and personnel friendly and professional”. 

“Everything was superb! I really felt that I was taken care personally. Thanks for the wonderful doctor Talving and for the whole team we got our daughter with the first try”. 

” I really recommend Dr Karits to all other patients who need help in their infertility journey. He is very punctual and patient doctor and his job leads to wonderful results!”

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