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Patient´ feedback questionnaire

Your feedback is important to us

    Feedback questionnaire

    Thank you for contacting Nova Vita clinic. We always wish to improve the quality of our service and that is why the feedback of our customers is very important to us. Answering to the questions is anonymous.

    1. How did you find the info about Nova Vita Clinic?

    2. Is the Nova Vita´s webpage informative enough?


    3. How do you evaluate the initial feedback of the first contact with Nova Vita (by phone, email)?


    4. How do you evaluate the cooperation with your doctor?


    5. How do you evaluate the cooperation with nurses/midwives?


    6. Did you get enough information about the treatment plan, procedures and results of the procedures?


    7. Did you have any side effects or complications during or after the procedure?


    8. Did you use the service of our psychologist?

    If yes, would you recommend it to other infertile couples?

    9. What are your expressions about Nova Vita Clinic?

    10. Do you have any recommendations how we could improve our service?

    11. Would you recommend Nova Vita Clinic to other customers who need similar help?

    12. Could we use you feedback (anonymously) on Nova Vita´s webpage/social media?

    Thank you for your feedback and time!
    Nova Vita Clinic