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Nova Vita wants to support families from the moment they come to the clinic until the birth of their child. The journey of fertilization, to the pregnancy and the birth of a child is a unique and unrepeatable experience for every woman and every family.


Early pregnancy ultrasound


Gynecologists at the Nova Vita Clinic perform early pregnancy ultrasound examinations.

The best time for the first ultrasound examination is the 7th-11th week of pregnancy.

The size of the pregnancy, the number of fetuses and the location of the placenta can be detected during the vaginal ultrasound examination performed at the first visit.

You are welcome to attend fetal ultrasound examinations alone or with a partner.

Book time:

Registration by phone: +372 6059609 (Mon-Fri 8.30am-4pm).


Ultrasound during pregnancy and pregnancy monitoring

The Nova Vita clinic cooperates with the Loote Ultrahelikeskus, where you can find services specialized in pregnancy monitoring and prenatal examinations. You can get more information about pregnancy monitoring and prenatal services: