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Sperm analysis helps to assess a man’s fertility

Male infertility

  • If the couple has not conceived a child within one year despite regular unprotected sex, it is recommended that both the woman and the man undergo fertility tests.
  • In 20-50% of cases, couple infertility can be on the male side.
  • Male infertility can arise from genetic causes or develop as a result of diseases suffered during life. The influence of lifestyle and the environment around us on fertility should certainly not be underestimated.

What is a sperm test?

Sperm analysis is a basic test of male fertility, which is used to examine how many sperm cells are present in a man’s seminal fluid and to assess the motility and shape of sperm cells. Sperm analysis provides information on whether a couple’s infertility may be on the male side.

Semen analysis is given in the clinic in a private room designated for this purpose. In order for the sperm analysis results to be as accurate as possible, at least 2-5 days must have passed since the last ejaculation, but no more than 7 days.

The results of the sperm analysis are based on the limits set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Basic study of sperm cellsWHO limit values
Amount of sperm (ml)1.5
Sperm cell concentration (mil/ml)15
Total number of sperm cells (million)39
Proportion of motile sperm cells (%)32
Number of sperm cells with normal shape (%)4%
pH=/> 7.2
Number of round cells (mil/ml)< 1
MAR test (%)* *MAR test is performed as an additional examination<50

Additional research

In addition to the basic sperm test, there are several additional tests that help clarify the causes of male infertility, determine treatment, if necessary, or choose a suitable in vitro fertilization method.

  1. MAR IgG test – Anti-sperm antibody test. The MAR IgG test is a recommended additional test for the very first sperm analysis.
  2. HaloSperm – the study shows whether and to what extent there are breaks in the DNA of sperm cells.
  3. Determination of IL-6 from seminal fluid – a marker of local inflammation.
  4. HBA – the test shows the proportion of mature sperm cells. The HBA test helps assess sperm quality, maturity and fertilization potential.

You can register for a sperm analysis at the Nova Vita clinic without a referral.

  • Pre-registration by phone: (+372) 6 059 609
  • Location: Tammsaare Business Center 4th floor (right wing), AH Tammsaare tee 47, Tallinn.
  • Nova Vita cooperates with the Men’s Clinic of UT Clinic .

If you would like more information about your sperm test results, we recommend consulting a doctor.