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Donate sperm to make a new life possible

Nova Vita Sperm Donors are young and healthy men!

Most fertilization treatments at the Nova Vita fertility clinic are carried out using the couple’s own gametes. Nevertheless donor sperm is needed in various reasons. For example, to couples who have tried to conceive a baby naturally for a long time without success and who have had a numerous failed IVF attempts with their own cells in the past. Also, if the male´s sperm concentration, motility or morphology has deteriorated, it may reduce the likelihood of having a baby considerably. In rare medical condition there is no sperm cells found at all, a condition which is known as azoospermia. There might be also single women in addition to who have chosen to have a baby on their own, hereditary disease found in male partner and other reasons in which case donor sperm could be an appropriate alternative.

Who is a sperm donor at Nova Vita Clinic?

A sperm donor must meet specific requirements regarding age and medical conditions. Potential donors are screened for a range of diseases and disorders.

Nova Vita’s sperm donors are healthy young men:

  • Age between 18 to 35
  • Tested (for example HIV, Hepatitis B and C, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea and others)
  • Genetic tests (Karyotype, Cystic Fibrosis)
  • Donation in Estonia is anonymous
  • Overall healthy and warmhearted
  • Donor sperm has been in quarantine for 6 months before usage
  • Donor sperm is suitable for IUI, IVF and ICSI

Our donors are healthy Estonian men who would love to help unintentionally childless people. Often the donor knows somebody who has gone through fertility treatments. We pay a small compensation to donors, but the main motivation for donation is the genuine wish to help. All donor candidates are subjected to sperm analysis and sperm freezing. Only men whose sperm is of high quality and can withstand freezing are accepted as our donors.

How is sperm donated?

  1. Contact us and send us the application
  2. Think twice and be confident in your decision.
  3. Initial contact and meeting with our Donor coordinator for explanations, consultation and further information.
  4. Blood and urine tests and sperm analysis.
  5. Approval if good results.
  6. Active sperm donating process.
  7. The use of donated sperm in fertility treatments.

Donating is voluntary. Donor can withdraw from the donation process whenever he likes without penalties and without providing a reason. A donor can place conditions on the use of his sperm.


Would I make a suitable sperm donor?

Our professional and dedicated donor coordinator will help you to get started. She will support you and provide all the information, process steps and guidance. Do not hesitate to contact!

Maire Karu

Donor coordinator, anesthetist
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What is Nova Vita Clinic’s Sperm Bank?

Sperm bank is often called as semen bank or cryobank, which is a facility that collects and stores human sperm donated by sperm donors for use by women to achieve pregnancy. Donated sperm cells are stored in liquid nitrogen tanks.

Nova Vita has its own sperm bank which has been operational for more than 20 years. Procedures with donor sperm are organized smoothly and there is no waiting list. Sperm cells are remarkably viable and can easily survive the freezing and warming process! It’s because molecular motion and activation do not occur at -196 °C, which is the temperature of liquid nitrogen and therefore this environment well preserves sperm and its quality.

Donate sperm and make a new life possible!

Book an appointment or ask for more information on sperm donation:

Alisa Stepanova

International patient coordinator
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