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If you are considering becoming a sperm donor, we will help you to understand the sperm donor process, the time involved and overall rate of success.

Let’s begin with the basics of becoming a sperm donor. First, and obviously, you must be male. The ideal age is between 18 and 35. Before you become a sperm donor, you must go through profound screening process that can take a few visits to complete. Therefore, the becoming a sperm donor process can take up to three weeks and includes: a questionnaire, a full physical exam and semen sample analysis. There are no health risks that are linked to sperm donation.

After signing a contract with Nova Vita Clinic, you have become an official sperm donor and you can start giving regular sperm donations. For the safety of the recipient, your semen samples are frozen for six months.

It’s important to note that many sperm don’t survive the freezing process, so passing the preliminary exams are not a guarantee that you will qualify as a long-term sperm donor. On average, only about 5% of all applicants meet the terms to become a sperm donor. But if your sperm indicators are fine following the warming process, you will be asked to donate at least once a week, or superbly between 6 and 10 samples per month. To increase the effectiveness of each sample, you will have to avoid sexual intercourse for two to three days prior to sperm donation process.

The actual semen donation process happens at our clinic. Men are given a private room where they donate their sperm into a sterile container. The sperm is then frozen using liquid nitrogen. Once needed, it is warmed and used in artificial insemination or fertilization.

It’s also important to understand the possible emotional and psychological issues of becoming a sperm donor. We pay enough money to compensate you for the process, but not so much that you’re only doing it for the salary.

For men who have become sperm donors:

  • You’ll help a single woman or couple conceive a child. This may be a last attempt to have a baby, with your help, we can help our patients to fulfill their dream of having a child of their own.
  • You’ll get free genetic and medical health tests.
  • You’ll be compensated financially.
  • Great chance to do good and help others.

Do you have any questions about becoming a sperm donor or want to learn more about sperm donation?

Don’t hesitate to contact our donor coordinator!

Maire Karu

Donor coordinator, anesthetist
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