Treatments with donated cells (eggs, sperm, embryos)

Sometimes there is a need for donor eggs and donor sperm

Sometimes there is a need for donor eggs or donor sperm to become a parent. Donation is needed if the person who is hoping to have a child cannot produce own gametes, also if the quality of own eggs or sperm has declined. Donation is also needed if there is a high risk for a child to inherit serious genetic disease. At Nova Vita we offer donation services also for single women.

Nova Vita’s donors are healthy volunteers, tested according to EU Tissue directive (plus additional tests required in Estonia)

Egg donors are usually between 20 and 33 years. Many of them already have their own children. Sperm donor can be any healthy man between 18 and 40 years. Nova Vita Clinic has its own egg bank and sperm bank and procedures can be organized quickly. We can also help to order donor cells from other egg or sperm banks.

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  • Treatments for women up to 50 years of age and single women
  • Donation is anonymous
  • Young and healthy donors
  • Own egg and sperm bank
  • Short waiting list and high success rates
  • Competitive prices

In Estonia egg and sperm donation is absolutely anonymous

The following information will be disclosed about the donor: nationality, skin colour, education, marital status, the existence of children, height, body build, hair colour and eye colour.

Ask for more information about treatments with donated eggs and sperm at Nova Vita:

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International patient coordinator
Päivi Virta
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