Donor eggs

Donor eggs are donated by healthy young women

Donor eggs

Nova Vita Clinic has an active donor program and both fresh and frozen donor eggs can be used. There might be different reasons why women need egg donation but in many cases this would be the only option to become parents.

Egg donation is needed for example when a woman’s own ovarian reserve has declined or the quality of the eggs has reduced. Usually the chance to have a healthy child for a woman over 43 years is very small and using donor eggs is recommended. Donor eggs can also be used if there is a risk for a child to inherit a genetic disease. Nova Vita Clinic has its own Egg bank which makes the planning and timing of the procedure very fast and convenient.

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Nova Vita’s egg donors are healthy young women

  • age between 20-33
  • tested (for example HIV, Hepatitis B and C, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea and others)
  • genetic tests (Karyotype, Fragil X, Cystic Fibrosis)
  • non smoking
  • Nordic appearance
  • donation is anonymous

We understand that usually the woman seeking for egg donation would prefer that the donor would look similar to her. Our donor coordinator will help you find the best match.

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Fresh or frozen donor eggs?

Egg donation can be arranged with fresh or frozen donor eggs. The procedure with frozen donor eggs is easier to plan and there is usually no waiting list. The procedure can be arranged at the most suitable time for the woman to whom the embryo(s) would be transferred. The planning of egg donation procedure with fresh donor eggs can take a couple of months because menstrual cycles of two women (donor and recipient) need to be synchronized.

In Estonia egg donation is anonymous. The following information will be disclosed about the donor: nationality, skin colour, education, marital status, the existence of children, height, body build, hair colour and eye colour.

Woman’s close relative (for example a sister) can also be a non-anonymous donor.

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International patient coordinator
Päivi Virta
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