Donor sperm

Nova Vita has own sperm bank

Donor sperm

There are different reasons why there is a need for donor sperm. Sometimes the quality of a man’s own sperm has significantly declined and using donor sperm might be the only option to become a parent. Single women have also an option to use donor sperm. Nova Vita has its own operating Sperm bank and procedures with donor sperm can be organized very quickly.

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Nova Vita’s sperm donors are healthy young men

  • age between 18 to 40 (usually 18 to 35 years)
  • tested (for example HIV, Hepatitis B and C, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea and others)
  • genetic tests (Karyotype, Cystic Fibrosis)
  • donor sperm has been in quarantine for 6 month before usage
  • donation in Estonia is anonymous

The following information will be disclosed about the donor: nationality, skin colour, education, marital status, the existence of children, height, body build, hair colour and eye colour.

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Cooperation with other sperm banks

Nova Vita cooperates with European Sperm Bank (ESB) and Cryos International sperm bank where anonymous and non-anonymous (open) donor sperm can be ordered. If you would like to order donor sperm from ESB or Cryos please let us know about the selected donor profile and we will help organize the order and transport.

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Päivi Virta

International patient coordinator
Päivi Virta
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