Embryo donation

Donor embryos

Sometimes there is a long journey to become a parent. Option for full (embryo) donation is considered when both donor eggs and donor sperm are needed. Usually the full donation is chosen when numerous IVF treatments with own cells have previously failed and full donation is the only option to become parent. Nova Vita Clinic has an active donor program, appropriate egg donor can be found quickly and donor sperm can be selected from our sperm bank or ordered from other banks. Our donor coordinators help you to choose the best suitable match of donor eggs and donor sperm from Nova Vita Egg bank and Sperm Bank.

Options for Embryo Donation

Embryo donation can be arranged with fresh or frozen donor eggs.

  1. The procedure with frozen donor eggs is easier to plan and there is usually no waiting list. The procedure can be arranged at the most suitable time for the woman to whom the embryo(s) would be transferred. Embryos will be created from frozen vitrified donor oocytes and frozen donor sperm chosen from Nova Vita´s egg and sperm bank. Our patient coordinators will help you to find the best match of donors suitable for you.
  2. The planning of full donation procedure with fresh donor eggs can take couple of months because menstrual cycles of two women (donor and recipient) need to be synchronized. Fertilization of donor eggs have to take place on the day of donor´s egg collection abd donor embryo(s) will be transferred for recipient on day3 or day5.

The price of embryo donation procedure starts from 5580 euros and includes: donors compensation, donor´ medications, at least 7 vitrified donor eggs and donor sperm from Nova Vita spermbank, fertilization with ICSI, embryo culture up to 6 days, embryo transfer.

Usually there will be 1-2 top quality donor embryos to be transferred and one portion of donor embryos frozen for future FET procedure.

In Estonia egg and sperm donation is anonymous. The following information will be disclosed about donor:

  • nationality
  • color of the skin
  • education
  • marital status
  • the existence of children
  • height, body-build
  • color of the hair
  • color of the eyes

Our donor coordinator will help you to find the appropriate donor for you. If you have questions about full donation feel free to contact our patient coordinator midwife Tiina Lille:tlille@novavita.ee

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