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Our donor egg IVF success rates

The most reasonable way to understand your chances of donor egg IVF successful treatment at Nova Vita Clinic is to talk to one of our consultants. Results of infertility treatments are very individual and depend on causes of couple’s infertility. The results are in negative correlation with woman’s age.

By the numbers, the success rate of donor egg IVF is how many intended mothers get pregnant per transfer. Most of our patients become pregnant, leading to many happy families. We treat each case individually. The dedication and hard work of our team of excellent staff is reflected in our success rates.

Read the 2019 year summary of our clinic’s donor egg IVF clinical pregnancy success rates overview below and if you have any questions please just call the team at your Nova Vita clinic and they’ll be happy to help you.



Age Fresh embryo transfer Frozen embryo transfer
up to 39 43% 55%
40-45 42% 41%
46-50 33% 33%

Nova Vita Clinic has shown stable and high results already more than for 20 years.


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Alisa Stepanova
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