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Nova Vita

Den estniske experten på fertilitetsbehandlingar Andres Salumets utnämndes som förste est till professor vid Karolinska Institutet


Den estniske experten på assisterad befruktning Andres Salumets utnämndes till professor i reproduktiv medicin vid Karolinska Institutet. Samtidigt trädde professor Salumets i fertilititetsklinikerna Nova Vitas och Ovumias tjänst som forskningschef för att erbjuda estniska och finländska patienter bästa möjliga behandling. Professor Salumets är den förste estniske professorn vi Karolinska Institutet, som är ett av de…

Kliniken är stängt mellan 15.-20.7.2019


Vår kliniken är stängt mellan 15.-20.7.2019.

Overweight and fertility- why we need to talk about this?


“Did you know that higher weight will lower your chances to get pregnant?” This is the question many fertility doctors need to ask during the first consultation. Obesity is a global health problem that has impact on many conditions including fertility. The reason to talk about weight should not be underestimated because significantly higher or…

Nova Vita & Ovumia nurses’ meeting about international fertility treatments


Nova Vitas’s nurses Tiina, Merike and Niina visited Ovumia Tampere on 24.2.2017. They discussed and shared learnings in a joint training program.The topics of the meeting included e.g. the process of international customers, egg donor treatments and patient – nurse communication. Photos: Nova Vita’s Tiina Lille D discusses about fertilility lab’s current trends with Ovumia’s…

Candido Tomás från Finland är i Tallinn den 14:e-16:e November


MD, specialistläkare inom kvinnosjukdomar och förlossningar samt gynekologisk endokrinologi Candido Tomás från Finland är i Tallinn på Nova Vita kliniken den 14:e-16:e November. Boka tid från patient koordinator Päivi Virta, tel. +358 400 627507 eller  

Roadshow to Fertility Clinics in Sweden


Text by Candido Tomás Nova Vita and Ovumia personnel had a great road trip to Sweden in September, 2016. We met several clinics and exchanged our experiences about the modern infertility treatments. IVF-kliniken CuraÖresund, Malmo Some of the doctors and midwives from the clinic remember following several patients that have received egg donation. They assure…

Finland’s Ovumia buys Nova Vita fertility clinic in Tallinn


The Finnish fertility treatment services company Ovumia OY has bought the Nova Vita clinic in the Estonian capital Tallinn, which is set to start offering the service of egg feezing and expand its offering to foreign patients under the new owner. ”We can clearly see that health care in Estonia is developing toward internationalization. This…