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Den estniske experten på fertilitetsbehandlingar Andres Salumets utnämndes som förste est till professor vid Karolinska Institutet


Den estniske experten på assisterad befruktning Andres Salumets utnämndes till professor i reproduktiv medicin vid Karolinska Institutet. Samtidigt trädde professor Salumets i fertilititetsklinikerna Nova Vitas och Ovumias tjänst som forskningschef för att erbjuda estniska och finländska patienter bästa möjliga behandling. Professor Salumets är den förste estniske professorn vi Karolinska Institutet, som är ett av de…

Reasons of infertility: PCOS


PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is a common endocrine disorder of women, which may cause infertility. But what is really about the disorder, and how likely is it for PCOS women to have children in the end?  Polycystic ovary syndrome is a common hormonal disorder of women with approximately 5-15 % prevalence. No single reason…

Please forgive my errors

18.03.2019 ,

I have my errors, I can’t deny it. Sometimes these errors make it difficult to get pregnant or can cause serious genetic disorders. PGT-A and PGT-M are modern methods of embryo diagnostics used to detect and avoid genetic errors. I’m sure you know something about me, or at least have heard about me. You probably…

Overweight and fertility- why we need to talk about this?


“Did you know that higher weight will lower your chances to get pregnant?” This is the question many fertility doctors need to ask during the first consultation. Obesity is a global health problem that has impact on many conditions including fertility. The reason to talk about weight should not be underestimated because significantly higher or…

Modern infertility treatments (IVF, ICSI, FET) are effective


Infertility affects almost every 6th to 10th couple worldwide. It is estimated that there could be over 70 million infertile couples across the globe. To help infertile couples assisted reproductive technologies have been developed. Already more than 7 million babies have been born with the help of in vitro fertilization procedures. Infertility is defined as…

Frequently asked questions


If you have questions about infertility, please do not hesitate to contact. We always do our best to reply quickly to all your questions. Several of our clients have similar questions and hence we have prepared some answers to the frequently asked questions. What is infertility and when should I contact the doctor? Infertility is…