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The Finnish fertility treatment services company Ovumia OY has bought the Nova Vita clinic in the Estonian capital Tallinn, which is set to start offering the service of egg feezing and expand its offering to foreign patients under the new owner.

”We can clearly see that health care in Estonia is developing toward internationalization. This provides a good opportunity to raise the standard of lab services to an even higher level corresponding to the highest level globally and to provide people in Estonia with the best possible fertility treatment,” Ovumia Board Chairman Pekka Sillanaukee said in a press release.

Sillanaukee said that, among other things, the Estonian government’s plan to move on with the implementation of the directive on the free movement of patients encouraged them to make the acquisition. ”This is a positive and right trend, aiming to guide the patient to where there is readiness and the ability to serve them immediately.”

”Our employees will remain the same despite the sale of the company. In collaboration with experienced specialists from Ovumia we will be able to expand our base of know-how and services,” Nova Vita CEO Merike Seer said.

She added that collaboration with Ovumia OY will increase the number of jobs at the Nova Vita clinic. Nova Vita continues to work closely with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund and hopes to provide services to Estonian patients also in the future.

Ovumia is planning to expand the offering of procedures and diagnostic methods in Estonia. The possibility to freeze human eggs is to be offered already before the end of 2015.

Besides the new owner is planning to boost the numbers of fertility treatment patients coming to the Nova Vita clinic from Finland, Scandinavia and Central Europe.”

The original article was published in The Baltic Course.